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1 Hour Consulting Call to address a specific roadblock, financial struggle or concern you are experiencing and get a professional's guidance on how best to move forward. 

For Individuals, Couples & Small Business Owners

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Money Mindset, Spending, Budgeting, Debt Payoff Strategies

Are you struggling with how to be more intentional with your money? Find yourself in a position of significant debt and aren't sure how to get yourself out of it?

Want access to the tools that will help guide you in creating a sustainable budget going forward? 

I will create a step-by-step guide for you that will give you the tools and the action steps needed to get yourself in a better financial position today & for tomorrow. 

Major Life Transition

Getting married, divorced, experienced a loss in the family or a significant shift in income or wealth? These major life changes can have a major impact on our financial lives - for better or worse. 

Are you feeling unsure about how to manage money with your partner? Or getting divorced and don't know what to do next? Experienced a loss and are struggling with the distribution and dissolving of assets? Received an inheritance...now what? 

I've had my own experience with loss and marriage AND I've assisted clients for years in managing these exact situations. 

Understand Your Investment & Retirement Options 

Are you tired of people telling you how important investing is but still have no idea what the whole investing thing is about? 

Want to educate yourself on your investment options, the types of retirement or investment accounts to choose from and how best to prioritize your efforts moving forward? 

We will walk through the foundation of investing together and get an understanding of where you currently stand and opportunities for improvement going forward. Let's get you invested! 

Employee Stock Options & Grants

Has your company compensated you with stock options or grants and sent over a ton of paperwork for you to peruse through that is speaking a different language?

83b elections? Vesting? Exercising options? What happens if you leave the company?

Schedule a call with me to get a breakdown of this different type of compensation you've been granted, what your options are moving forward and what to be mindful of down the road from a tax perspective. 

Small Business Owners

Have you started your dream business or working on a side hustle and are feeling overwhelmed by the idea of managing the finances and accounting for it?

We can go over different entity types to determine which one suits you best, how to manage your finances going forward without taking up all your time AND make sure that we discuss ways for you to take advantage of deductions available to you so you can reduce your taxes each year!

Bonus: This call will be deductible!

Opening the Lines of Communication 

Having a hard time breaking down money barriers, fears and anxieties that have been developing for years? 

Want to open the lines of communication about money with your partner, your parent(s) or children? 

Money is one of the leading stressors in our lives, leading causes of divorce and leading tensions in family dynamics. 

Let me share my findings from working with hundreds of couples and families over the course of my career to help identify ways to bridge the gap. 

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