flex your finances™

This 12-week program will give you all the tools, guidance and support you need to create a financial plan designed to achieve all your financial goals AND to start building wealth with ease & confidence!  

A Wealth Building Accelerator Course

Enroll in the Flex Your Finances course to create your own personalized roadmap to financial freedom. 

It's TIME to Take Ownership of Your Financial Life 


From harnessing a healthy money mindset, debt payoff strategies, investing for your future to creating a personalized financial plan...

You will walk away from this program with everything you need to manage your money like a millionaire...better yet, to get on the path to become one. 

This program is exactly what you need to transform your financial life for the better. 


I can't think of a better way to invest in yourself than through a program designed to educate you on bettering your financial life...for the rest of your life. 

Does this sound like you...?

You feel this constant battle between living your life, paying off debt and/or investing and never feel like you're getting ahead

You are proud of the income you're bringing in but don't understand why you don't have more to show for it. 

Paralysis by analysis! The more you learn about personal finance & investing, the more overwhelmed you become and the less action you take. 

You have BIG goals & BIG dreams but you're not sure where to start or what it's going to take to get you where you want to go. 

You know a little about investing...but don't feel confident about what you're investing in. 

You want to take ownership of your finances but haven't found the right system or guidance to effect change

You continue to find yourself in the same financial position year after year and you wish you knew how to create a plan to be financially free. 

You've tried to stay on top of your finances but life gets busy, things get in the way and you keep pushing it to the side


Imagine we redesign your financial reality where...

You never feel restricted, anxious, guilty or embarrassed over your financial circumstances or financial decisions. 

You are more than capable of financially supporting all your goals and dreams - think the dream house, travel or early retirement. 

You have eliminated all high interest debt and now have more ownership over where your money goes each month. 

You feel confident as an investor. You know what you're invested in and have automated it all in a way that your money is working for you without you lifting a finger or spending more of your time. 

You've set yourself up in a way that you know exactly when you can become work optional. Spending your time freely doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want!

You are able to not only live comfortably for years to come but will also be able to leave a legacy of wealth to your children, your family or to an organization that you care about. 

Your money is no longer a source of stress but rather excitement of the possibilities and opportunities it can create for you and your life. 

Imagine if... you didn't have to imagine.

What The Flexers are Saying...

"Having taken the course, I can see that my life will never be the same."

"Now I'm actively putting things in place to make retirement, savings and vacation dreams a tangible reality."

"After taking this course, I now feel more comfortable knowing I am actively putting things in place to make retirement dreams and savings dreams for vacations and such a tangible reality.

My husband and I have both set up our ROTH IRAs and we have set up a HYSA. He is maxing out his employer matched contributions and then some. No more excess money just sitting in a checking account doing nothing. Most importantly I feel more comfortable talking with my spouse about our financials and our goals as a unit." - Natalie Canty - 

"This course taught me so much. Having taken the course, I can see that my life will never be the same. I feel more optimistic about my family's financial future." -Sreenivas Reddy-

I have complete confidence in your ability to...

  • Save money, pay off debt, invest and meanwhile enjoy your life and the things you love

  • Understand how to use money as a tool to live out a life you love

  • Create the environment you need to be work optional & financially free 

  • Feel empowered by managing your finances

  • Rise above your fears and excuses that have been holding you back from making the changes necessary

  • Build up your assets in a way that they'll continue to grow without you having to exchange your time

  • Achieve your short and long term financial goals with ease

All you need is the right support to help guide you along the way...

So I built a program designed to do just that!


Flex Your Finances™

A wealth building accelerator course that will teach you how to manage your money with ease and confidence! 

The ONLY system and guidance you will need to create a financial plan that is personalized for YOU and YOUR goals today and years from now.  

Access to an experienced, qualified professional whose mission is to see you succeed financially. 


Ready to change the trajectory of your financial life in 90 days? 

Take a Peek at What's Inside...

Flex Your Finances Course Material

Hours of video lessons that will guide you through the financial planning journey of building wealth. From nailing down the foundation of personal finances, learning to invest for success to creating a plan for your future - and everything in between. 

6 Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls

The Bi-weekly group coaching sessions will be an incredible opportunity to get LIVE guidance from me for us to review things that are keeping you feeling stuck, feedback and personalized guidance on some of your biggest questions or concerns and a time to celebrate each others wins. 

Your Financial Planning Dashboard

Financial templates and worksheets designed to assist you in creating your personalized financial plan - from strategies to pay off debt, the creation of your investment allocation, identifying your retirement numbers to creating financial goals. This will keep your financial life organized and simplified!

Financial Planning Toolkit

You will be given all the resources you need to create, execute and review your financial plan - from financial goals, cash flow, debt payoff and investing strategy for the months and years to come. 

3 Month Access to Group Slack Channel

During the 12 week program, you will have exclusive access to freely communicate & ask me questions and/or celebrate wins within this group channel! 


BONUS Modules & Resources

Lifetime Access to Course Materials & ALL Future Updates

(For the life of the course)

Financial Freedom Fast-track 

You'll get a clear understanding of what you need to do to reach your financial freedom number and future financial goals. What will be required of you today to live out the life you want for yourself....

From working on the #1 wealth management team in the country to being here with you, pursuing my dream of helping more individuals build wealth with confidence. 

Hey there, I'm Victoria!

I've worked with investors just getting started and some of the wealthiest families in this country. I've implemented strategies to eliminate financial stress, built investment portfolios that generated cash flow to support clients' lives, and developed the necessary financial systems for their finances to be managed on auto pilot. 

Personal finance can be hard. There's a lot of information out there. It's hard to determine if you're doing the "right thing." 

That's why I created this wealth building accelerator course - to be able to share years of success of my teachings, my expertise and my support with YOU

Ready to join the crew? 

With over 13 years of finance and accounting experience, I've helped hundreds of individuals and families navigate their finances, managed millions of dollars in assets, saved clients thousands in taxes and advised clients from entrepreneurs, 9 to 5'ers to CEOs

My mission is to educate and empower you to take ownership of your financial lives so you can find a balance of living well today and building wealth for tomorrow.


Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA)
Financial Coach & Creator of Flex Your Finances 

What The Flexers are Saying...

"Without a doubt I would recommend this course to anyone looking to learn more about how to better financially prepare for their future! My only wish is that we did this 10 years ago to get ourselves organized and set up for success sooner." - Kim Chamberlain

"My only wish is that we did this 10 years ago...."

I have a more well rounded portfolio now. I feel more confident in exploring work and side hustle income outside my 9 to 5. A big shift for me though resulted from you asking me if I could feel comfortable actually investing less in the market and "investing" more in myself and my happiness right now. The knowledge that I was in a good position and could potentially relax a bit and enjoy the results of my previous hard work was a lovely realization." -Allyson Bergman-

 "The knowledge that I was in a good position and could potentially relax a bit and enjoy the results of my previous hard work was a lovely realization"

"More clarity and confidence with my current financial situation..."

"I now have a better understanding of investing and taxes (both things I feared discussing before this course because I felt like I didn’t understand either and was doing both blindly). It definitely gave me more clarity and confidence with my current financial situation!" Sara Gronningsater

flex your finances™

What to Expect Inside the Course


Your Financial Foundation

We must first identify where we are in order to make the changes necessary to get where we want to go. In this lesson we will lay a solid financial foundation and continue to build on it throughout the program. 

You Will...

  • Get clear on your WHY
  • Calculate your net worth
  • Establish Short & Long Term Goals
  • Identify Your Money Value System
  • Bonus: Net Worth Calculator


Mastering Your Money

You Will Learn:

  • To manage your cash flow (ins & outs)
  • To create a sustainable spending plan
  • To create a debt payoff strategy
  • Prioritize between save | debt | invest
  • Bonus: Personal Wealth Dashboard

Knowing all the financial concepts is great and all...but how do we apply them to YOUR financial life? In this module we will follow a step by step guide to learn to do just that. 

We will dive into the Wealth Dashboard and create personalized strategies for you to live a (high interest) debt free life and manage your cash flow to prioritize saving vs. debt payoff vs. investing.


Investing 101 - The Who/What when/where/why of Investing

You will learn which accounts you need, be educated on your investment options and how to avoid some of the most common investing mistakes I've seen in my career. We will dive into the details of making your money work for YOU! 

This is your complete guide to becoming a confident investor!!  

You Will Learn:

  • The investing Do's & Don'ts
  • Account type breakdown
  • How to invest easily & effectively
  • The investing terms you need to know
  • All your investment options
  • Bonus: Investing Cheat sheets


Your Path to Early Retirement

You Will:

  • Calculate your financial freedom number
  • Determine the investment needed today to live the life you want tomorrow
  • Bonus: Financial Freedom Calculator

Guiding you through the financial numbers that will help you determine what it will take today to live out the financial life you want tomorrow. 

I can retire when...


Building Your Investment Portfolio

What types of investments are best for you?

You will learn how to diversify your investments, assess risk and how to create the systems to manage your portfolio like a pro going forward...requiring very little of your time!! 

You Will Learn:

  • Why diversification matters to you
  • How to select investments that are an appropriate level of risk for YOU
  • How to make changes or buy/sell your investments in the future
  • Bonus: Investment Allocation Worksheet


Tax Planning & Savings

You Will Learn:

  • How to lower your taxes
  • Who benefits most from the tax system and how you can too! 
  • The numbers you need to know on your tax return
  • Options on tax filing
  • Bonus: Tax return breakdown

Learn the best ways to save on taxes!

Whether you own real estate, are a business owner or are a 9 to 5'er, you will walk away from this lesson knowing how to approach tax time, how to understand the basics of your tax return AND what avenues to take to lower your taxes today and in the future!

From a CPA (me!)


Your Financial Plan


Learn how to put everything together to establish a financial plan that will change the trajectory of your financial life within 90 days! 

We mastered paying off debt, intentionally spending in alignment with our values, saving for short term goals, investing for long term goals AND how to pay as little of taxes as possible. Now you create a sustainable plan going forward to help guide you in your path to financial freedom. 

You Will Learn:

  • How to create YOUR Financial Plan
  • Why a Financial Plan matters
  • How to put all the pieces together

Of course, there's more....


The Ultimate Guide to Streams of Income

They say millionaires have, on average, 7 streams of income. Learn how to optimize your income streams without sacrificing all your time. 

How to Manage Money With Your Partner


Money issues is one of the leading causes of divorce. Learn ways to manage money together effectively and as a team!


How to Invest For Children

Learn the best ways to invest for your children and truly understand the pros and cons of each option!

AND You get direct access to a qualified, licensed professional!

LIVE Group Coaching Q&A

I'm here to support you! Twice a month, during the 12 week program, we will get together live to answer all your most pressing questions and to identify how to overcome some of the roadblocks you are facing.  

Exclusive Access to the FinPowered Slack Channel 

Access Monday - Friday to the Flex Your Finances slack channel where you will have direct access to me to ask questions, get guidance and CELEBRATE financial wins!

Are you ready to make a plan to retire early, build an investment portfolio that will pay you while you sleep and create personalized strategies to use money as a tool to live out a financially stress free life...

Flex Your Finances is perfect for you if...

You are searching for a roadmap and guidance on how best to manage your money moving forward

You want to build confidence in where you stand financially today and also be able to continue to make smart financial decisions in the future

You may know what you need to do...but you need an accountability partner and a professional to help guide you in implementing and executing your plan

You don't want to wait until the world tells you it's time to retire - you want to have control over the timing of that decision!!

You are DONE with your endless google searches and different advice from various sources where you always are left feeling more confused about what to do next. 

You feel overwhelmed by all the information out there and are sick of wondering "am I doing the right thing?"  

You want to understand how to have a better relationship with money. You may get a little "spend happy" sometimes and want to learn how to become more intentional with your financial decisions. 

You want an experienced and qualified professional that can help guide you in your journey with thoughtful insights from years of experience and genuine support with no judgment. 



...time spent googling answers to walk away feeling more confused than you started

...getting tidbits of advice from your neighbor or boss and trying to piece together what would make the most sense for YOU

...being stuck in the land of constant financial overwhelm 

You've made it this far, I think it's fair to say that you have a strong desire to make positive changes to your financial life. 



  • The cost of doing nothing and continuing to wait to prioritize your finances will be very expensive over time.
  • Many financial advisors will charge well over 1% of your assets, per year. This program investment is a one-time cost for years of benefit
  • NO MORE endless google searches trying to find answers or to identify what avenue is best for you. 

  • ELIMINATE the hours, months or years of financial stress by opting into a program that sets you on a path to financial freedom and security. 

Flex Your Finances will provide all the tools and guidance you need to master your money - from debt, investing, cash flow, taxes to retirement savings - you will finish the program with a plan to meet all your short and long term financial goals. 

The knowledge you gain today will be able to carry you through years of making smart financial decisions

Let's build that financial empire, shall we? 


Make an Investment in Yourself & Your Future


My sole mission is to support you in your financial journey. To share my years of experience working with clients, having seen and advised on hundreds of different financial circumstances and scenarios and to provide that invaluable guidance right to YOU to ensure your success!  


what makes this course different?

How long will it take to complete the course?

Is this for us residents only?

I'm feeling nervous to make this investment - help!

how do i know if i am a good fit for this course?

how long do i have access to the course?

This course is designed to empower and educate you from the start to the finish line as it relates to building wealth. Your mindset, debt management, investment management and taxes all play an integral role in your financial wellness. We are going to tackle each - one by one - so that you will have the tools you need to not only create a financial plan but manage it effectively for years to come. 

The majority of the course will be universally relevant. As it relates to some specifics within the Investing 101 Lesson and Taxes - those will be specific to US Residents Only. 

The course will take approximately 12 weeks to complete. It may take some of you less time and it may take some of you more. But the program is designed to take you on a week by week roadmap to financial success. 

I respect that. I am educating on financial wellness and being mindful of where your money is going after all. But, the investment you make today...will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the long run as a result of taking advantage of opportunities today that you would have otherwise missed out on. Doing nothing...and hoping for the best....is not a solution. 

This course is for you if you are looking to optimize your financial life today and want to build out a plan towards financial freedom. You may be a beginner investor, you may be in debt, you may make significant income but aren't sure how to manage it. Wherever you are in the journey, this course is designed to build out a personalized plan for YOU from wherever your starting point is. 

You have lifetime access to the course materials for the life of the course. 

I suggest you try to complete it within 60 days so that you can take advantage of the 3-month access to me during the group coaching sessions. That way you can ask questions as you make your way through the course.

However, if time runs out, and you still have questions for me, there will be an opportunity for you to extend your time as it relates to access to the FinPowered group channel.

The course is backed by the
Flex Your Finances™ 30-Day
Money Back Guarantee

My goal is to help you improve your finances and I believe in this program so much so that I'm willing to offer this guarantee. 

If you go through the whole program - every module and submit the course worksheets - and don't believe the program was a good fit for you I will issue you a full refund within the first 30 days after purchase.

If you're still not sure...

What Clients Have Said After Working With Me...

The Flex Your Finances Course Will Teach You...

  • How to give every dollar you earn a job
  • How to create a balanced strategy between paying off debt & investing
  • The pieces of the investing puzzle you actually need to know!
  • How to build wealth and buy back your TIME!!
  • How to SAVE on taxes
  • How to optimize every element of your finances so that you are in financial control and well on your way to financial freedom! 
  • How to build out a financial plan that is sustainable and flexible for your life today and your life in future years. 


Is it time to prioritize your financial wellness? I hope so...

What clients say...

Join the Flex Your Finances Course and I Will Show You How!