Hiring Victoria to Speak 

Victoria shares her knowledge, insights and strategies for finding the balance between living well today and securing financial freedom tomorrow. 

With years working in the financial & tax planning industry, working with hundreds of clients from CEO's of private and public companies, some of the wealthiest families in the country to small business owners, she draws on her experience to share stories of what successful money management, wealth transfer to children and communication styles looks like. 

Victoria effectively engages audiences of all kinds by weaving in her experiences both personally and professionally in an authentic, relatable and non-judgmental way. Her ability to connect with her audiences in this way lends itself to open dialogues and a newfound motivation and desire to prioritize financial wellness in a whole new way. 



Personal Finance & Investing 

  • How to create financial goals and establish strategies to achieve them
  • The In's & Out's of Investing 
  • Investing for retirement
  • Creating a spending plan that aligns your spending with your core values
  • How best to manage cash flow that allows you to balance living well today and securing your financial future

Women & Money

  • What Women should expect during the Great Wealth Transfer and how best to prepare for it
  • The unique challenges women face as it relates to wealth, money, career, balancing family & work life and how best to overcome them
  • How best to protect your wealth & assets 

Marriage, Children & Money

  • Discussing strategies to manage money as a united partnership
  • The best ways to manage money with your partner while maintaining independence 
  • How best to protect your family in the event of tragedy
  • How to engage your children in the world of finances at various ages
  • Why communication about money will make or break your family dynamic around wealth & finances

Freelancers & Entrepreneurs

  • How to balance running your business and managing your business - there's a difference
  • Retirement options for the self-employed 
  • Entity structure and how best to choose your professional team of advisors
  • The basics around tax planning for your business and personal life
  • How to understand your financial statements


Young & Mid-Career Professionals



Entrepreneurs & Freelancers


Financial Advisors