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10 Money Mantras to Manifest Financial Wellness

Money Mantra

January 4, 2022

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A mantra is meant to inspire, encourage and motivate an individual through consistent and repetitive positive self talk. It’s something you connect to, something that you aspire to truly believe, even if you don’t in the current moment. And money mantras are specific to financial wellness, abundance and success.

I hear too often comments like “I don’t know what I’m doing in the world of finances” or “I’m never going to be able to afford XYZ” or “I’m probably too late to invest” so on and so on. There is so much negative self talk in the world of finances that needs to be redirected.

And to those comments, I say this;

First, we were not taught personal finances as part of our required curriculum growing up. For many, it was never even part of conversation in our adolescent or young adult life. So give yourself some grace here.

Second, there is no more negativity or criticism towards yourself as it relates to what you have or have not done in your financial life. What you consistently say to yourself, will create and/or maintain your reality. Change the dialogue.

Third, we only look forward now. We cannot change our past. We cannot start investing 10 years earlier, we cannot pay our debt 5 years ago or turn back time to avoid a significant financial mistake that you’re still paying for. Only forward thinking now, met with action.

So as we take on a new year, I wanted to share 10 Money Mantras to help you manifest and create that positive energy around your personal finances for the new year.

10 Money Mantras to Live By in 2022

I am wealthy in more ways than one

My best investment is in myself

I have the power to create the wealth and life I desire

I am on the road to financial freedom

I spend money with intention and I am grateful for my choices

I am grateful for the abundance I have and the abundance on the way

I will make it a priority to pay myself first

I control my money. My money does not control me.

I am grateful for all my financial blessings.

My opportunities to make more money are limitless

You have everything you need to create the financial life that you want.

We cannot change our past, but we can change our financial habits today to steer us in a new positive direction towards future financial freedom and success.

Let’s look forward at a new year with openness and excitement as a new opportunity to live out the life you want has presented itself.

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