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Tailored for wealth creators in their 30's and 40's, this program is your key to growing, protecting, and passing on your wealth with intention and thoughtful strategy. 

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Listen...I completely understand. 

And you're left wondering if you're truly making the most of your money, directing it in an intentional way, protecting it for the future, and ensuring it becomes a legacy for generations to come! 

And the burning question lingers: "Will I ever truly find peace with my finances?!"

You're making a solid income and you're proud of how far you've come financially, but if you're anything like my past clients, you need help to take your financial life to the next level. 

Life in your 30s and 40s is a whirlwind. Career, family, kids, aging parents, friends, responsibilities—it all adds up, leaving little time to thoughtfully navigate managing your own wealth. 

You just want someone to tell you what's working, what's not and to guide you in the right direction.

Here's What You Need:

A Tailored financial plan 

No cookie-cutter approach here - you need a financial plan that aligns with your unique circumstances, income level, and goals, allowing you to see a clear path toward the financial future YOU want. 

time efficient & effective strategies

You're busy - I know it - so you need to incorporate effective strategies and systems into your financial life  so you can make the most of your resources without devoting excessive time to managing your finances. 

comprehensive 1:1 guidance & expertise

You need the right financial education and expert advice to boost your confidence in making well-informed financial decisions. With over a decade of experience in financial planning, I've seen it all. From wealth creation, growth and protection, I've got you covered. We'll tackle every aspect of your financial life, leaving no stone unturned. 

With ongoing support and accountability, you'll stay on track to secure your financial future - your success and peace of mind are my top priority. 

ongoing support & accountability

I get it, your fears or concerns around financial management are years in the making.

The fear of financial mistakes, the uncertainty about your financial decisions, the lack of clarity around your personal strategy, the uneasy feeling about hiring a professional you barely know to talk about something SO important

Like I said, I get it. I've been on the other side of these conversations a time or two now and I totally understand where you're coming from

But, if you want things to change, something's gotta change! And I'm here for you to make that happen. 

By working with me, you'll not only identify what needs to change but I'll also be here with you to ensure you actually make those crucial changes that will set you on the path to the financial life you want. 

Now it's time to take that empowering step toward lasting financial change. 

you're in the right place.

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Taking you step by step through the FinPowered Wealth Journey, we will craft your very own customized financial roadmap,  designed to guide you toward wealth growth, security, and a legacy you can be proud of. No more financial guesswork – it's time to create a game plan for every aspect of your financial life and to team up with a financial expert to help ensure your success!

Gain unlimited access to expert guidance, personalized financial planning, and exclusive 1:1 Coaching sessions, ensuring that your financial goals become your reality and you achieve your wealth, your way! 

A tailor-made financial plan just for you. 

Financial Planning Accelerator Program 


A quick 2-minute info form to tell me more about your current financial situation, concerns and what's on your mind. This helps me make sure this program aligns well with your needs and my financial expertise!

complete the information form 

An opportunity to share more about yourself, your financial goals and concerns and to learn more about the specifics around how the Financial Planning Accelerator program works and how it can help guide you every step of the way. 

schedule 30-min exploratory call 

Decision time! This is a big decision and a solid investment that has the power to change the trajectory of your life. Take your time and ask yourself, do I like, trust and believe in the value FinPowered can offer to change my financial life & future.    

Teaming up to change your financial life

How it works

*If for whatever reason this program is not in alignment with what you're looking for or what you need, we'll either share additional FinPowered resources that may be a better fit or refer you to other professionals that could assist you in your financial journey*

Please know there's no pressure whatsoever. My absolute wish for you is that you get the guidance and help you need to build, protect and secure your wealth to support the life you want.  Whoever you choose to work with, I hope you find the perfect fit and exactly what you need to change your financial life. 




Managing money and advising clients on every aspect of their financial lives. 

Years of advising clients - filing and planning for taxes, managing & investing their money, handling their wealth transfers to kids, guiding them through the set up or the sale of businesses or real estate - all of that to truly understand and become an expert in this thing called wealth management.

Working with clients to help solve their financial problems, ease their financial overwhelm, create customized plans to reach each and every one of their goals... is my passion...and my superpower.

Which is why I built a business designed entirely around helping you succeed financially. 


i've spent my entire career

My mission is to see you succeed, 

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Qualifications & Professional Certifications...
for your peace of mind


cash flow ANALYSIS 

money management

Guiding you through every piece of your financial puzzle so there are no questions left unanswered. 

investment strategy

risk management & asset protection 

retirement planning 

tax planning 

planning for lifestyle changes


Master the dynamic between spending, saving, debt payoff and investing to create the foundation and systems you need to succeed...consistently.

Gain insights into your cash flow, discover opportunities for increased savings and learn to align your spending directly with your values and goals. 

Gain the knowledge to build a diverse and profitable investment portfolio that aligns with who you are and the goals you have for your future. 

Learn to protect your assets and family's financial future with strategies to provide peace of mind and reduce your risk of loss from parts of our life we may not have control over.

Discover how to create a retirement plan that properly plans for the lifestyle you dream of.

Keep more of your hard-earned money and reduce your taxes through smart tax saving strategies.

Explore investing, education and planning strategies to build wealth for the children in your life along with learning how to effectively and tax efficiently transfer wealth to them. 

Going through a divorce, getting married, receiving a large inheritance, selling a business, etc. and needing help navigating these significant financial changes in your life. 

charitable planning 

Do you have goals of giving back? Learn strategies to maximize your charitable impact while reducing your tax burden and making the most of your financial situation.  

Victoria shared her depth of expertise and knowledge in a personalized way that offered solutions that were tangible for me. I learned what was not optimal in my financial plan and how I could restructure it to serve my needs.  Would highly recommend working with Victoria!"

"I felt empowered in understanding different strategies for my financial future and prepared with a roadmap for how to start taking steps on my own.

Andrea Huber

"Our session with Victoria was incredibly helpful. My wife and I had been doing a pretty good job of saving and tackling debt before meeting with her, but after it felt like we had a much clearer picture of where to go. She helped us tweak our financial plan and think in ways that we hadn't considered before. I couldn't recommend her enough!"

"She helped us tweak our financial plan and think in ways that we hadn't considered before"

Nicholas & Melanie Leach

You'll find the purpose behind your money to ensure an amazing life for yourself and the lives of those you care about

You'll know your financial goals aren't just dreams but achievable realities

You'll feel a profound sense of financial well-being, control, security and optimism about your future

You'll gain financial clarity and confidence in where you are, where you want to go and how to get there 

This could be you....

You'll feel empowered by your financial security and be more open to opportunities that present themselves


Now tell me, are you ready? 

Complete the financial planning information form and get an opportunity to share with me what you're looking for and I'll be in touch to share how I can best help! 

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