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Discover ten transformative money mindset shifts to redefine your relationship with money, guiding you toward financial wellness by reshaping how you think about and manage your money. 

A Guide to Rewiring Your Money Beliefs

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money mindset makeover

Your go-to money management guide offering solutions and guidance on how to lay a solid financial foundation for you to build on for years to come. Say goodbye to financial complexity and hello to simple, actionable tactics for securing your financial future & success. 

8 Core Principles for Financial Success

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creating a solid financial foundation 

Equipping you with the tools and guidance around how to craft a personalized roadmap towards your dreams and help you focus and prioritize your goals so you can ensure you achieve what truly matters to you.

The Art of Financial Goal Setting

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financial goal setting 

Visualize your future: $1 Million invested, financial security and peace, allowing you to live life on your terms. 
Make this your reality, not a distant dream. Get your free roadmap to financial success and discover 25 strategies, expert tips, and powerful tools to build meaningful wealth, whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out. 

25 Dynamic Ways to Help You Reach That Million Dollar Dream


wealth building essentials 

Your ticket to crafting an intentional, purpose-driven financial life. This free guide empowers you to design and build your financial by design so you can live out a wealthy life you love. 

7 Step Framework to Financial Freedom

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Learn more about this transformative Money Mindset Course tailored for women who are looking to embrace a healthier, more empowered relationship with money. You'll learn powerful strategies and insights to break free from limiting beliefs holding you back and step confidently into your future of financial clarity, peace and growth.

The Money Mindset Flex

transform your relationship with money and embrace abundance 



A comprehensive DIY program designed to help you lay the groundwork for a strong financial future, no matter your current income, wealth or financial standing! 

You'll follow a step-by-step process to save for emergencies, spend in alignment with your values, rid yourself of debt and start investing for the bright future you want and deserve! 

This course is your personal roadmap to becoming the master of your money - empowering and arming you with the knowledge and habits that will serve you and your financial well-being for years to come!

The FinPowered Financial System Flex



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A 12-week holistic wealth building coaching program designed to help you take control of your finances and build wealth on auto-pilot while you go enjoy your life! 

Whether you're just beginning on your investing journey or want to sharpen your financial skills, this course will provide you with the knowledge, tools & support you need to start earning income without exchanging your time,  navigate the investment world with confidence, and build the wealth you need to secure the life you want! 

The Savvy Investor Flex




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If you're looking for 1:1 support and guidance to address your financial concerns, I take on a limited number of coaching clients per month for my longer term coaching program.

Working 1:1 with clients is my secret weapon, but there's only so many hours in a day. If you are in need of some real 1:1 guidance to move the needle in your financial life and address some major life events impacting your financial future...I'm here for you. Learn more about the process! 

Financial Planning Accelerator Program

personalized 1:1 financial planning 


A comprehensive course empowering parents in building wealth and fostering financial responsibility in their kids. Click here to explore how this course can lay the groundwork for a lifetime of financial success for your family.

The Financially Savvy Parent Flex

wealth planning add ons

guiding parents to create wealthy, financially secure futures for their kids

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Victoria is a wealth of knowledge and information. The Flex Your Finances course is set up to help anyone get their financial life organized and build their own knowledge, skills and confidence in saving, planning, and investing for their financial future. Also, Victoria never makes you feel like any question is a dumb question. Without a doubt I would recommend this course to anyone looking to learn more about how to better financially prepare for their future! 

"My only wish is that we did this 10 years ago to get ourselves organized and set up for success sooner."


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"I've a much better understanding of my plan and my whys!
I gained a much better understanding of my 1.) investment options, how to diversify etc., and what I need to reach my retirement goals, and 2.) I have a better understanding of my whole financial picture and knowing what I can spend my money and how to reach my short, medium and long term goals....

"I will be able to enjoy life more as I know what I can spend without feeling guilty and still staying on course to hit all of my goals. It has been freeing!"

- Neve redmond -

Victoria is the whole financial package! She is kind, open, transparent, a great listener, genuine, empathetic, driven, and insanely smart!! She goes above and beyond for her clients and it always felt like she had unlimited time for me, even thought I knew she didn't. She is patient, listens intently and is non judgmental. She offers different perspectives and alternatives for consideration instead of just pointing you in one direction...

"I have never felt better about where I'm going in my life, and I never would have felt this way if it wasn't for her. I'm truly grateful."

- jess fluharty -


Managing money and advising clients on every aspect of their financial lives. 

Years of advising clients - filing and planning for taxes, managing & investing their money, handling their wealth transfers to kids, guiding them through the set up or the sale of businesses or real estate - all of that to truly understand and become an expert in this thing called wealth management.

Working with clients to help solve their financial problems, ease their financial overwhelm, create customized plans to reach each and every one of their goals... is my passion...and my superpower.

Which is why I built a business designed entirely around helping you succeed financially. 


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My mission is to see you succeed, 

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