by Victoria 

Let's do that                     you've always wanted to do.

The Profit Playbook

for Entrepreneurs looking to Simplify Finances with a System to Track, Plan & Strategize their business Success

Imagine effortlessly navigating your business financials with ease using user-friendly, thorough templates designed by a CPA. 

You'll gain a level of clarity and understanding about your business that once seemed out of reach — all without being an accountant, Excel guru or math whiz. 

With the Profit Playbook, managing your business finances becomes a strength, not a chore


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You're a sole proprietor, entrepreneur or successful side hustler and need a better system to manage the finances for your business. 

Is This You? 

Are you tired of...

navigating the finances for your business in the dark

feeling like there are things you're missing out on or deductions you don't know you can take

missing deadlines or tax saving opportunities because your books aren't up to date or you didn't know it was even an option

spending countless hours compiling numbers and having no clue if you're doing it right

I know you'd rather be focusing on growing your business, not getting buried under its numbers. 

Which is why you need a system that hands you the data you actually need to understand, empowering you to step into your CEO role confidently and USE the numbers to drive your success. 

Say goodbye to spending endless hours digging through piles of receipts or hunting down financial details hidden among months of numbers. 

Gone are the days where you wonder what metrics matter, what numbers you should be tracking and second guessing what's deductible and what's not. 

Simplify Financial Management:
Simplify managing your business finances with straight forward, ready to use templates. 

Uncover Tax Saving Opportunities: 
Understanding how best to tax plan and utilize business deductions will open doors to minimizing the taxes you pay and boosting your bottom line. 

Provide Financial Clarity:
 Make confident, informed choices with clear financial insights.

Help You Spot Trends:
Spot patterns and opportunities within your business that will encourage more proactive business moves.

Sounds pretty great, doesn't it? 

The Profit Playbook is more than a tool;
 it's your partner in managing your business, designed to:

yes - let's go! 

you want to know your numbers. 

you don't want to be hit with a big tax surprise come tax season because you weren't tracking your income & expenses all year. 

You want to run your business like the owner and ceo you are - making informed, strategic & smart financial decisions.

am i right?  

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  • Year to Date Net Income/Profit of Business
  • Monthly Cash Inflows and Outflows
  • Business Assets & Debts
  • Monthly Income Goals & Progress 
  • Income Tracking for Multiple Income Streams (to learn which ones are making you the most $$)
  • Home Office Deductions
  • Car & Mileage Deductions 
  • Estimated Tax Payments
  • Amounts Paid to YOU (how much are you *really* paying yourself?!)

The Profit Playbook Tracks & Measures...

Spend 5 minutes per week inputting a few numbers into an excel doc and the rest is taken care of...

How Does it Work? 

and you'll get a step by step video from me showing you exactly how to use the workbook! 

Managing money and advising clients on every aspect of their financial lives. 

Years of advising clients - filing and planning for taxes, managing & investing their money, handling their wealth transfers to kids, guiding them through the set up or the sale of businesses or real estate - all of that to truly understand and become an expert in this thing called wealth management.

Not only am I a business owner myself, but I've worked with hundreds of small business owners throughout my career. I've managed their business books and guided them in  making business decisions that propelled their success.

I've filed their tax returns and helped them save thousands in taxes from effective tax planning. 

I've seen firsthand how important it is to be in control of your business finances - which is exactly why I created the Profit Playbook! 

i've spent my entire career

learn more about victoria 

Qualifications & Professional Certifications...
for your peace of mind

CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT see powerful insights into your business, without the hassle of crunching numbers, spending endless hours, or prepping extensive documents, the Profit Playbook is for YOU!

Are You Finally Ready....

get access now for just $20

Are You Finally Ready...