FinPowered Female's mission is to educate you on all things money - how to save more, invest more, earn more and LIVE more because of it! Tune in to get all the financial tools you need to do just that.  

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I spent the last 12+ years in the finance & accounting industry advising hundreds of clients, climbing that ladder to find that once I had a view of the top - it wasn't actually what I wanted.

I learned early on about loss and that life is pretty damn short so I took a chance, followed my gut and left a job that most thought I was crazy to turn away from. Risky? For sure. Worth it? Stay tuned!

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I am passionate about educating YOU on all things money so that you can build the life of your dreams.   

I'm Victoria -
Financial Educator, Boy Mama, Peanut
Butter Lover,
 Joy Seeker
with a passion for helping you succeed financially!

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Do you feel unsure and maybe even uneasy about where all your money goes at the end of each month? 

Or ever wonder how your financial life is truly holding up month to month? 

If you are...

In your 20's starting out in your career and trying to get a better understanding of investing, retirement accounts, savings, debt and wanting to educate yourself on building a bright financial future. 

Starting your next season of life that may include marriage, kids, mortgages, multiple streams of income, investment opportunities, professional growth and trying to manage it all. are exactly where you need to be 

A business owner looking for guidance on understanding your financial statements, determining the right entity structure or why opting for one thing vs another could save on taxes. 

If you are a human being... :) But seriously, if you are someone who wants to be in control of your financial future, be financially independent and become educated on how to create the wealth that you desire...

Tune in for weekly blog posts 

My hope is that this blog and financial coaching will provide you with the guidance,  information and tools you need to create the financially free, secure and independent life you dream of.


"You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don't make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can't take their eyes off you."
-Maya Angelou-

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