The Best 4 Ways to Invest Your Money

Best Ways to Invest

September 14, 2022

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Each of us earn an income with the hopes that we are able to support the lifestyle we want to live. Some of us want to travel – some of us want the lake house – some of us just simply want to be able to live a financially peaceful life that supports our every day living without stress. The way we utilize our money and where we choose to invest our money is a driving force in our ability to live out a life we love.

No, this blog post isn’t going to be recommending the hottest stock picks or the latest on cryptocurrency! This post is about the 4 ways we can best invest our money so that we get the most out of it and live out our best lives.

The 4 Best Ways to Invest Your Money

Investments That Will Help Your Wealth Grow

Invest your money into wealth generating and income producing assets. In other words, into investments that provide your money the opportunity to continue to grow without you having to exchange your time (or at least too much of your time) for money.

A few examples of investments in income producing assets are:

  1. The Stock Market – Check out a previous blog post on the 4 Best Ways to Invest in Stocks
  2. Business Ownership
  3. Real Estate

Your Health

This sounds a little harsh here but what good is a lot of money if you don’t have your health? You won’t be able to enjoy it in the way you previously dreamed of enjoying it while you were so busy earning it.

If you don’t take care of yourself, the majority of your expenses later on in life will be spent on medical bills, medications, home care, etc. and your activity may be limited.

Make the investment in your health and every effort to take care of yourself today so that it doesn’t cost you later (in more ways than one).

Your Joy

Sounds a little cliche but….invest in what makes you happy!!

It could be travelling, trying new things, home decor, books or giving back to your community – whatever it is – intentionally put more money into the things that add value to your life.

Avoid using your money on things you don’t care about, things you don’t need or love for the sake of being able to afford it or worse…to impress other people.

You work hard for your money – find the joy in it!

Things That Will Give You Back Your Time

As each of us get older and our responsibilities start piling on – we will be faced with the reality that our time is better spent elsewhere.

Cleaning would be a perfect example. You work all week, have kids at home, etc. Do you really want to clean for 3 hours on your Saturday morning off? Or would it just be better to pay a cleaning service to come in every 2 weeks to allow you those 3 hours to be with your family, exercise, simply relax?

There is no shame here. Do not feel guilty for spending money on things that provide you the opportunity to use your time more effectively and aligned with how you want to live.

The 4 best ways to invest your money – on ways to earn more of it, your health, your joy and your time!

Use your money as a tool to live out a life you love.

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